5 Crucial Factors To Know For Hiring Commercial Fit Out Company In Dubai

  • Published By: Admin
  • 22 Dec 2020

The office is like a second home to employees as they spend most of their time working there. So, it has to be a perfect workplace. A commercial fit-out company in Dubai will help you build that ideal space within the desired budget. However, it requires detailed planning and vision to not fall out of the office design trends shortly.

The planning and budget part is your responsibility. Failing to do it will cost you more and hamper the company’s brand identity. Not only these, but a few more factors are also worth considering before you begin the hunt for the best fit out companies in Dubai.

Look no farther! Check out the list given below to get this crucial task done in the right way.

Consider These Things Before Hunting For Fit-Out Company:-

1.   Plan New Office Fit-Out

Every planning begins with figuring out the current and future needs of a company. Getting answers to these questions will be beneficial in planning:-

  • What will be the location of the company?
  • Which category of fit-out is suitable for your business?
  • What are the changes you would like to incorporate in the upcoming years?
  • Would you go for company expansion?

Find these answers as they will play a vital role in finalizing a budget for a new office fit-out.

2.   Set A Budget

Having a rough idea of the budget will make the process of finding fit-out companies easier. But you cannot simply fix a decent amount without considering the following things:-

  • Furniture cost
  • Cost of workstations
  • Cost of cosmetic changes such as flooring and lighting

Once you determine the budget, send an initial quote to the contractor. Take a brief on designing, material delivery, timeline, technical assessment, project handling, and more such factors from the contractor.

3.   Space Analysis

Divide the office space into several sections like meeting rooms, cafeteria, personal cabins, and breakout areas. Make sure that these areas are designed accordingly to the needs of staff and clients. Take the help of your existing staff and ask how they want these areas to be. Also, analyze the usage frequency of usage of these areas so that every space is utilized well.

4.   Latest Design Trends

Don’t just leave everything on the interior designer, do prior research on the latest office design trends instead. Here are the following designs in trends to consider:-

  • Biophilic design- Natural lighting, green spaces, sustainable furniture
  • Monochromatic- Brand-focused interiors, dramatic shades, creative designs
  • Modular space-dynamic furniture, personal space, insulated phone booths
  • Domestic workspace- Homestyle working environment
  • Multi-functional workspace- Ergonomic elements, movable furniture, flexible workstation 

5.   Latest Technologies

Cloud technology is replacing space-occupying technologies that need a dedicated room for servers. Moreover, it has eased the remote control of different workstations with better connectivity, management, and security.

Thus, almost every organization is shifting to cloud technology, so plan for cloud-based infrastructure as well. Also, consider health and safety arrangements to deal with accidents.

Once you have planned a blueprint of the new office considering the above points, send a quote to a commercial fit out company in Dubai.