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Corporate Office Interior Design Trends In 2022

  • Published By: Admin
  • 07 Jan 2022

COVID-19 has undeniably transformed the workplace — at least for now- and maybe permanently. Of course, many people continue to work from their homes, but others have returned to the office, even if just for a few days in a week, and many workplaces have altered considerably. 

Current office design trends prioritize safety and comfort and other considerations like colour, texture, and sustainability and will continue to do so until 2022 and beyond. 

Design aesthetics like acoustics and greenery to focus on safe, protected workstations. Designers and organizations are always looking for ways to maintain a healthy and joyful working environment while increasing productivity. As a result, we recommend that you look at the top 2022 office design trends. 

At Work, a Sense of 'Home' 

The notion of office design and aesthetics has developed due to the growing number of people working from home. For office workers, the goal is to provide comfort and security on all levels, making them feel at ease as if they were at home. Designers might add domestic aspects such as comfy sofas and chairs, soft lighting features in common areas, or artwork exhibited around the workplace to encourage a specific, pleasant sense of "home" in the office. Wood flooring may add a sense of coziness to a room. Engineered hardwood and wood-look LVT are regularly utilized to give the office a homey feel.

Pod-Area Layouts are adaptable 

Many companies have adopted open office design throughout the years, and flexible workspaces and "pod-style" layouts are now more critical than ever. 

Employees are increasingly looking for quiet rooms or enclaves in the office where they may work comfortably. In these open-office arrangements, smaller, private portions and "pod spaces" with enough workspace, seating, and outlet access are offered so employees may discreetly conduct phone conversations, participate in video conferences, or focus on research. Because of their versatility, engineered hardwood or LVT are good flooring options in these pod-area configurations. 

Employees who may only be in the office for some days a week and work from home the rest of the week must be allowed to use these spaces. 

Lighter colors 

Lighter hues with various greys, greens, and neutrals are one of the corporate office interior design ideas for 2022. A common choice in an office environment is light wood appearances coupled with flashes of color on floors and walls, which may make employees feel cheerier and upbeat.

Color helps businesses stay on brand, and many companies use coloured furniture, pillows, and even carpets to incorporate their logo or brand colours into their workplace design. You may even carve your company logo into the lobby carpet using LVT to make it stand out. Businesses are also using color in COVID-19 safety signage. 

Green Alternatives & Sustainability 

Living walls (also known as green walls) are genuine gardens and plant displays that are mounted to inside walls in many modern office buildings. Many companies generally accept more plants, so you don't have to go as far as a whole green wall. Because some rooms lack windows or have inadequate lighting, introducing plants helps to offer a touch of nature and bring the outside in. Greenery may also be used as a complement to the natural design qualities of engineered hardwood and LVT flooring. Furthermore, plants at the workplace contribute to the relaxing, homey atmosphere, but they also provide a number of health advantages. 


Even in furniture like wood, iron, or stone, current office design trends indicate a rise in combining diverse textures, combining various abstract pieces and textures that can be simply switched in and out results in a more distinctive area with a variety of design alternatives. 

Textiles, fixtures, and floors that are fun, unusual, and eye-catching can genuinely bring a place to life and liven up the sometimes-drab office environment. Engineered hardwood and LVT flooring are available in various species to match shifting texture and style trends. 

Companies are welcome new office design advancements and technology to increase workplace safety, productivity, and general well-being, even amid an increasingly remote workforce. 

And, as we continue to deal with the aftermath of a worldwide epidemic, we can look forward to a brighter future filled with revolutionary office design advances that assist employees in better fulfilling their health and work-life balance needs. So contact your interior design and contracting company today!

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