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Grabbing Attention Through Accent Lighting

  • Published By: Admin
  • 17 Jun 2019

2019 is going to be big for accent lighting, which is attracting more and more buyers every day. This new trend in lighting options is giving a tough competition to task lighting, as it effectively highlights specific portions of the interior design. This works well, especially in the light of advice that most interior design consultants are giving to homeowners nowadays, which is to highlight the portions that they want their guests to instantly look towards.

For example, a lavish sitting area in the midst of their family room that focuses on the family and/or guests. More and more interior design companies in Dubai are catering to demands for contemporary and stylish designs for bedside accent lighting. The same goes for throwing a spotlight on anything that needs additional drama to stand out, such as an antique painting, or an ornately decorated vase. For more ideas like such, you can hire the best interior design company in Dubai.

In line with such high demand, interior contracting companies in Dubai are diversifying options. Check out which of the accent lighting options are making the most headlines these days:

Wall Lights: Wall lights are perhaps the most common type of accent lighting, as most people use these lights to accentuate costly paintings or other antique things. The biggest advantage of wall lights is their subtlety. Such lights do the actual job of highlighting the wall effectively, without drawing much attention to their own body design.

Indoor Moonlight Lighting: These are half-moon lights jutting out of the floor to create an impression of celestial objects gliding through solid space. This kind of lighting works best in large mansions or buildings, which have subdivisions large enough to include ample floor space. You would mostly find such lighting in malls or high-end restaurants.

The Multiball Pendant: Designed by Roberto Paoli comes this helplessly alluring fixture can turn even the most boring room into a stylish and artistic one. This design devises a simple wind chime-like layout to hang in clusters from the ceiling, just that instead of chimes there are white spheres emanating light. This kind of light looks best in outdoor spaces like a big balcony or a garden area.

The Sputnik Family Tree: A trend created by Italian designer Gino Sarfatti’s Sputnik ceiling chandelier somewhere around 1957, which was in turn inspired from the world’s first satellite to orbit the earth, Sputnik, this unique lighting system comes with antennae-like spikes protruding from a rectangular or spherical surface. The light comes from tiny bulbs attached at the end of each spike. Its fashionable, futuristic and sleek design makes it immortal even today.

With all the variety of options in lighting systems, you can request the best fit out company in Dubai to add whichever sort suits you and your home the best. With all the innovative designs available, it no longer matters whether your home has an elaborate interior design and rich textures. With so many minimalistic designs available on the market, you can easily and subtly blend stylish lighting solutions with the simplistic elegance of your own home.

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