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Interior Designers Reveal The Most Common Design Mistakes

  • Published By: Admin
  • 12 Oct 2021

The interior design contains the mix & match of various ideas and innovations. The skill to make your house feel and look different after even the smallest of changes; that art is interior design.  

Every form of art that requires creativity (well, almost all of them) is often confusing as to where a person makes a mistake. But, such as when someone is painting, even something as minor as the temperature of the colors can make a huge difference, which we fail to realize at times. 

That is art when you make a mistake, but you don't even realize it because something looks so beautiful already; imagine how it could look when you correct that mistake! 

Similarly, when you design the interiors of your house, there might be a few mistakes that you could make here and there and won't even realize. For that reason, in a busy city like Dubai, it is best to contact an interior design and contracting company to get the work done. But still, if you feel like doing all the work by yourself, here are a few common mistakes people make while designing the interiors of their house.   

  • Size of Your Carpet  

It's critical to make sure that a carpet fits the space it'll be used in, not merely the design scheme of your home.  

A too huge carpet for the space will appear overwhelming and will make the room appear smaller. 

A too tiny carpet causes your furniture to be closer together, resulting in an unbalanced room with wasted space. 

Create fake outlines on your floor with painter's tape and exact proportions so you can visualize how the carpet would look in the room. 

  • Positioning the Couch 

Consider "floating" your sofa instead of pushing it up against the wall. 

Floating furniture refers to pieces placed away from the wall, sometimes in the center of the room. When you do this in your room, you will be able to stroll about it, making it feel and look more prominent. 

  • Position of Your Television 

Design is more than just having a nice-looking house; ergonomics should also be considered. 

Understandably, you'd want to watch TV in front of the fireplace, but it's terrible for your neck. 

Your television should be placed at eye level from where you are sitting. Therefore, it shouldn't be necessary for you to look up. 

  • Avoid Using Too Many Matching Furniture 

Walking into a furniture store, you would notice that practically everything, even living room furniture, is sold in sets. 

The easiest option is to buy the complete set; however, this is not a good idea. It's not a good idea to have a room that seems too matchy-matchy.' Furniture sets are visually uninteresting, but breaking up the pieces shows that you took the time to curate your area, which enriches your home's style. 

  • Choosing too big or too little furniture for your area can give the impression that the room is unbalanced. 

Choosing the appropriate furniture is crucial, but where you put it is just as crucial for decorating a living room. 

Small pieces in an ample space can leave too much space, while oversized pieces in a small space can make the room appear even smaller. 

In bigger living rooms, 30 to 36 inches between furniture pieces are ideal. In smaller settings, such as apartments, 18 to 24 inches between pieces is sufficient.

This distance will guarantee that your living room is not overcrowded while also helping to maximize space in a smaller living room. 

Interior designing is a beautiful way to give your house a new, spectacular look and feel. However, small mistakes like we mentioned above often go unnoticed and compromise the beauty of your house. By following the simple steps, you can avoid that and make your rooms as beautiful as they can be!

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