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Tips To Update Your Restaurant's Interior In Dubai

  • Published By: Admin
  • 19 Feb 2020

The hospitality industry has been changing continuously over the past few years with new trends emerging and presents ones changing rapidly. Sometimes restaurants find themselves outdated because they don't keep-up with changing scenarios.

The owners might feel intimidated by costly, time-consuming renovations, but updating your restaurants decor is not that difficult, and few changes can shift the customer’s perception towards your restaurant and its look. Here are some tips for you to update your restaurant's decor in easier ways:

1. Change The Color Scheme

The most affordable way to change the look of your dining area is "painting" as sometimes changing the wall colors can give an entirely different dining experience to your customers. Also painting is a quick process, so you can trim your renovation time. However don't forget to finalize a color scheme that compliments your brand or business before painting starts. It’s better to use an accent wall to enhance one particular wall and create contrast with the other colored walls rather than painting your entire dining space. This kind of painting draws attention, and gives your restaurant a much modern look.

2. Add Greenery

Addition of plants to your dining space will bring splash of color and life to the front-of-your home area. But never use living plants since they are costlier to maintain, trigger allergies, and create smells clashing with the aromas of your food. However if you really want to use real plants; succulents and cacti are good options since they are easy to care for and don't give off any smell. Moreover, there are plenty of real-looking fake plants that can be used to decorate your space.

3. Hang Artworks

Hanging artworks in your dining space will be a good idea to get contemporary looks. There are ample options like photographs, paintings, 3D art and sculptures that can be used as artworks. Also you can put up local artists' works and give customers an option to buy it. This way, you will get some beautiful art to hang at your place, and also help the local art community. Displaying photographs and paintings of renowned landscape of the region is a great way to get a sense of authenticity for restaurants offering ethnic cuisine.

4. Creative Lightning

Little changing in lighting will have good impact on the ambience. Proper light gives a welcoming atmosphere to your establishment whereas dim lights create an intimate and romantic feel. You can select mood lights, recessed lights, and pendant lamps for soft lightning with candles to enhance the romantic atmosphere. Adjust the natural lightning with curtains and blinds as they also provide a splash of color and decorative flair to match with your concept.

5. Upgrade Tableware & Serving ware

Your crockery can affect a customer’s perception in big-ways. Using old plates having scratches and chips on the surface will reflect poorly on your operation. We know that changing dinnerware and serving ware is expansive, but its necessary yet affordable option to choose for. Go for melamine which's both durable and cost effective, and gives a more upscale looks for casual establishments that want to maintain a sophisticated look.

6. Re-Design Menu

Another important factor is updating your restaurant's menu, as it have an huge impact on your customers perception about your establishment. Old style menus always give an impression that your establishment is cheap and shabby. Get your pre-designed menu printed on a good paper with some unique designs created by professional graphic designers. Also pair your new and improved menu with stylish menu cover to complete the look and protecting it from spills and stains.


Several restaurant owners don't update their decor because they think it’s costly and difficult, but some simple upgradations can drastically change how customers see your restaurant. You can anytime go to professional interior contracting companies in Dubai for improve the look and design of your restaurants.





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