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Trends In Interior Design In 2021

  • Published By: Admin
  • 27 Jul 2021

When you think of interior design, you see a room where everything is as comforting as it could get, where everything is designed and placed as you want it to be. It gives you the feeling of calling it your home or workplace. But, even though it is entirely up to you how it should be, there are still trends in interior design; about what material to choose, what colors people are going with, some innovations in design, etc.  

Well, to clear the clutter, here are some of the trends people are following in 2021 -

  • Curve Out The Straights 

Curved furniture with smooth edges seems to be replacing the previous straight and pointy trend. These round shapes give a certain comfort while sitting in your room and make you feel relaxed. Furniture such as mirrors, tables, and paintings are defining the trends of 2021.

  • Warmer Colours 

Clashing with the previous trend, warmer colors seem to return to homes, especially in curtains and walls. Colors play an essential role in giving vibes to your home; that is why colors must be chosen carefully. Red is being thought to be the color of the season, and hence, all its tones seem to be taking over the season.

  • Bold Wallpapers

Bold wallpapers are making an entrance in the new trends, earlier these were used only as a bit of twist in the homes, but now they seem to be taking over the entire walls. Geometric patterns, abstract shapes, animal and human figures seem to be the ones in trend. 

  • Indoor Nature 

A more eco-friendly approach seems to be taking place in the new trends, with people getting small shrubs and plants inside their homes. What matches best with warmer colors and tones is some nature inside your rooms. Wooden furniture and plants are making their way into the trends. They go with the colors, give a warm, cozy feel to the room, and make it comfortable. 

  • Monochrome 

Though it may sound a little contradicting with what was said earlier, it isn’t really. Monochrome tone can be warm and comforting if used correctly. For example, dark-colored walls and similar wallpapers are becoming more and more attractive now. Although black & white, they still feel cozy than the cooler and brighter colors, giving a subtle beauty to the rooms.

  • Folding Furniture 

If you do not have spacious rooms in your home and still need to fir everything ideally, this can help you. Folding furniture is making the trend currently, making spaces in your home more multi-functioning. For example, with the help of folding tables and chairs, your study room can also become your gaming room, or your entertainment area, as it is required, making use of more than the maximum space of your home.

  • Sustainability 

As everyone becomes conscious of the environment, more sustainable materials are being chosen for the furniture and goods in homes. Various sustainable materials are available, such as timber, wood, jute, and artificial leather, which serve as fashionable, comfortable, and sustainable. So with the simple help of designs, you are protecting the environment as well!

  • New Technology 

This is 2021; every other thing now runs on technology, and so does interior design. Various smart gadgets are being used at homes, such as lights or fans that run on voice commands, smart TVs, and better-cooling systems.  

So you see, despite the pandemic, the world seems to be making massive progress in their homes, as that is the place they spent most of their time in. There are various interior design companies in Dubai, so bring your imagination to life and make your home look like your dream place!

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