Why Contracting Companies In Dubai Execute House Demolition?

  • Published By: Admin
  • 31 Dec 2019

There are several phases in the process of interior fit-out process - planning, designing, financing, constructing and demolition. However the demolition process is not a preferred choice of interior designing companies in Dubai since it’s a bit of painful process and contracting companies tend to shy away from carrying it out. They are fully aware of people’s emotions towards any structure. Some buildings have historic significance, but if any structure poses risks to people living around it, then it must be demolished by the companies as they don’t have any choice in the matter.

Whether you renovate your house or demolish it to build a new one, the emotions will tend to sadness when you see memories go down in minutes. But nothing happens without a reason. It will be easy to accept once you understand the reasons and risks behind demolition. Here we bring a few reasons why house demolitions must be carried out:-

1. Land Owner Rights: Unauthorized colonies and land possession is not new. Economically weaker people start living in any space without any knowledge about the rightful owners. In such cases, the owner order a demolition of unwanted structures built on the land. Also the government sometimes acquire the land and nearby areas by providing compensation according to its exact value for larger good.

2. Vulnerable Foundation: A shaky foundation makes the structure unstable which may collapse at some point. Natural factors like growth of horizontal tree roots in the adjoining areas and movement of earth plates in adjoining areas can weak the foundation. To prevent any risk of lives, the structure might need to be demolished.

3. Pest Risk: Infestations like termite weakens the construction. Hence its required to be demolished for avoiding any possible calamity. It also restricts the spreading of infestations to the constructions around.

4. Newer Constructions: Sometimes property owners may desire to make the most out of their investments by demolishing smaller structures to make room for big commercial structures like a mall. Sometimes, natural disasters like floods, earthquake, or fire also cause the destruction of property which needs to be restored and sometimes built from scratch.