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Why Should Entrepreneurs Choose Green Constructions?

  • Published By: Admin
  • 24 Jun 2019

As global pollution levels rise, raising global pollution concerns along with them, the demand for green buildings and green constructions is on an all time high. More and more construction companies in Dubai are switching to green building, as per the demands of entrepreneurs and the general public.

The practice of green constructions is even being encouraged by the UAE government, which has laid down a comprehensive list of rules and specifications for green building and construction solutions. The active monitoring of buildings in this manner by both the state and contracting companies in Dubai, so as to promote sustainable infrastructural growth, is just one of the reasons why Dubai has been ranked third in the list of greenest buildings in the world.

But the work is far from done. There are a large number of construction companies in Dubai who are still not adhering to sustainable standards. Achieving environment-positive accreditations such as LEED is still not a priority for a major part of the construction economy.

In the race to become a sustainable nation as earlier as possible, entrepreneurs are deemed to be the first heroes in the cause to adopt sustainable constructions. Becoming a business that is pro-environment does not only reduce the ecological footprint of the business, it also reaps huge economic and health benefits in the long run for owners, occupants and for the community in general.


The economic benefits of LEED certified constructions can be attributed to the fact that such buildings have at least 34 percent lower carbon dioxide emissions than regular buildings, which account for about 40 percent of emissions. They also use 25 percent less energy and 11 percent less water than them. Added features like energy-efficient heating and air conditioning, windows and lighting cumulatively leads to lesser operational costs. Not just reducing costs, they also have higher revenue generating potential as such energy-efficient features can attract more buyers to such buildings, leading to office building owners being able to charge higher rents. To understand the benefits in detail, it is necessary to hire the best contracting company in Dubai.

Not just economic benefits, sustainable constructions also have numerous health benefits for occupants in the long term. Lesser carbon dioxide emissions lead to healthier air circulation indoors, thereby reducing allergies, asthma and other common health problems. Additionally, pollution levels are only bound to grow in the future, leading to higher demand in green buildings. More and more people are going to choose green buildings for residential and official purposes in order to avoid costly health problems. To a visionary entrepreneur, therefore, eco-friendly building is an investment.

Building a better tomorrow:

Adding sustainability to the features of a business also contributes positively to building the brand of a business. Book an appointment with the right construction company in Dubai to switch to eco-friendly constructions for business operations. This will display a positive image of your firm in the market and society, reflecting your commitment to not just the environment, but the general well being of your employees.

In the battle to combat rising pollution everywhere, therefore, entrepreneurs have to assume the role of frontier men. The commitment of an entrepreneur towards reducing the ecological footprint of his business has a far better and far more effective cumulative, sociological and exponential effect than any other member of society. Through taking steps today to a better future tomorrow, an entrepreneur can become a source of inspiration to various others in taking similar steps, thereby turning green building into a common practice.

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