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Tips For Choosing The Best Interior Fit Out Consultant

Tips For Choosing The Best Interior Fit Out Consultant
  • published by: Admin
  • 27 May 2020

Are you looking to choose the best fit out consultant in the Dubai? Well this can be a tedious task since you might be investing your time and money and it should be comfortable and stylish like you have always may desired. It’s important that you choose a service provider, who understands your budget, mindset, and much more. Here’s a complete note on important things one should consider before selecting the best interior fit out company in Dubai.

1. Identify Style

It’s imperative to know what your personal style actually is and once you figure that out, and then go through the portfolio of many fit out consultants. Although many experts have their own signature style which might be good and but they should match your preferences.

2. Check Portfolios

After narrowing list of available fit out consultants, analyze their works also. It will definitely help you figure the comfort zone while incorporating new fit-out ideas into your house, coz more you see the more you’ll know.

3. Set Budget

Spending unnecessarily is a definite no-no. So, set a budget. This will help in clarifying how much you can spend by analyzing consultant charges. So gather all the information and set a budget.

4. Meet Service Provider

After deciding let’s meet a fit out expert, as they do not charge any fees for few sessions. So call, whether they do or do not.

5. Prepare Questionnaire

Always be prepared with question; referral contacts, experience, qualification, services offered, costs, project duration. This will help in less error and more clarifying.

6. Open With Ideas

A fit out expert prefer adapting his ideas considering the look/space or just because it interesting. However client may or may not like it. Experienced consultant suggests ideas that are meaningful and functional.

7. Comparison

Compare in-respect to important factors like service, budget, quality and rapport with the fit out service provider. But choosing an inexpensive service provider may not be the best choice.

8. Sign Contract

Prefer signing a contract with selected interior designing company along with assurance that the contract fulfills all the responsibilities within budget and in set timeline.

9. Plan of Action

Before starting you will definitely require a POA. Consider selecting a fit out consultant to get quality products. Prepare a list of every detail in your POA to be followed eventually.

10. Modify Lifestyles

Whether you are a working professional or a non-working person, your plan will definitely require a modification while executing. You need to change the lifestyle as per consultant needs.

If you are seeking for right advice, choices and quality fit out service then connect with the best interior fit out company in Dubai.

Ways To Avoid Few Common Fit Out Mistakes

Ways To Avoid Few Common Fit Out Mistakes
  • published by: Admin
  • 01 May 2020

A home includes everything from perfect furniture, vibrant colors and other things you passionate. These selections also let you get that ultimate look and finish for your entire home. Moreover, homeowners commit a few common mistakes while the home fit-out works; hence, the requirement of professional interior fit out company in Dubai comes in place.

Here we have highlighted a few mistakes in fit-out that are committed by homeowners today:

Usage Of Rug Area

Postage stamp size of rugs is a common fit-out mistake done by majority homeowners. Furnishings should be placed perfectly over the rug. If not possible, you should keep only front legs of the pieces over the rug.

Color Combination

House paint has several color combinations which can be easily changed. So homeowners must ensure choosing their expensive pieces to place in home and later on implement walls and other spaces with matching paint colors.

Height Of Chandeliers & Artworks

It’s a big blunder to hang chandeliers at too much height. It should give light to the entire room and not to the ceiling. The same condition is applicable with the artworks. Many people tend to hang their artworks close to ceilings, but artworks should compulsorily remain at the level of one’s eye. However, it is always best to give preference to the lower side rather than choosing the higher one.

Short Drapes & Curtains

Drapes and curtains must skim the floor, even if they are large in length and puddle a while. Moreover, drapes and curtains should never be of small size as shorter curtains and drapes give truncate look to walls and spoil the entire fit out of the home.

Tips Of Selecting Best Commercial Fit-Out Company

Tips Of Selecting Best Commercial Fit-Out Company
  • published by: Admin
  • 30 Apr 2020

Any interior space is more than just a physical space and with professional fit out company in Dubai, you can turn that “ordinary space” into a place of productivity or lavishness or anything you can do with your business. Here is a list of tips about selecting the best fit out company in Dubai:


If the company you have selected has both experience and expertise, then you can take this as good sign. They also must be able to handle a variation of office type and sizes. They may let you visit some offices they have worked on just to see the work they do.


Some agencies claim that they are accredited with assumption that nobody will ask for proof. To be ensured, it’s a good idea to politely ask and see their certification to ensure the quality of work.


Having liability insurance will ensure complete coverage if the property is damaged, therefore valid insurance is must.


Have a talk with these companies to figure-out what they do to protect their employees during the work in your premises.


Apart from legal and quality checks, you must agree with the ideas also. Many companies might be certified and having a good track record but it’s a good idea to have a look at some ideas they have. Also you should have a clear conversation and share ideas with each other.

Focusing only into the cost while selecting a professional interior fit-out company in Dubai should not be your only priority. Cheap may not mean good and it is normal to look at a few companies. Although the process seems little tedious, don’t worry. It’s a good reason to find a good fit out company!

Qualities To Look Before Hiring A Commercial Fit-Out Company In Dubai

Qualities To Look Before Hiring A Commercial Fit-Out Company In Dubai
  • published by: Admin
  • 23 Mar 2020

Interior fit out of a office space a major expense that your company will pay for, so getting it done right the very first time is very important. There are various factors to consider; look and feels to available facilities that will help you increase the productivity and enhance the brand image. A working environment is much more than just a space, so your interiors require a much careful designing in order to make it a compliment for all the aspects of business considerations.

Having proper plans and alluring designs is crucial when it comes to commercial fit out; you must clearly know what will increase the office space and how the fit out compliments various corporate aspects. Commercial fit-out designing is more of an art that perfected with years of experience. So if you\'re planning to revamping your office or designing a new office, it’s advisable to look for an experienced commercial fit out company. To start, prepare a list of available fit-out companies in your location with the help from your internet, friends and family.  But give a priority to companies having a proven record of accomplishment in the respective profession. Once you find the suitable company, consider the below listed factors before finalizing the deal:

Experience: The Company must have at least 5-10 years of experience and good track record. Professional fit out companies will usually provide an evidence of their good results. Make sure the commercial fit-out company you\'re considering has ample experience to handle any size of the office. You can also visit the sites they are working to get the idea about their quality of service.

Certification: Many commercial fit out companies’ claim of having proper certifications, but you should make sure to ask for a proper copy of certification proving they are certified to offer fit out services. The certification is important, as it ensures the quality work.

Insurance: Avoid hiring any fit-out company that is not having a valid insurance. Make sure that the company you\'re hiring offers liability insurance. This will cover the costs of unexpected property damages or accidents during the office fit out.

Health and Safety: Proper health and safety measures for employees should be your top priority. Have clear briefs with hired commercial fit out company and see what measures they take to ensure the safety and health of your employees, while they are working.

Examine Ideas: Once you ensure that selected company have good reputation and provide quality service, has a look at their essence of creativity and innovativeness. A good fit out company will be able to give you advices to efficiently utilize the spaces.

Lastly just do not look into the cost factor while selecting the best commercial fit out company. You require the one, which works efficiently and effectively at a reasonable cost. Just like mentioned earlier, you would definitely look to get everything from start itself, so consider all these factors and make the right decision.

Benefits Of Hiring Restaurant Fit-Out Contractors In Dubai

Benefits Of Hiring Restaurant Fit-Out Contractors In Dubai
  • published by: Admin
  • 21 Mar 2020

Being an owner of a beautiful property; house, office, or restaurant equipped with superior facilities is everybody\'s dream. However, it\'s crucial to have a knowledge of lavish interiors and fit out solutions required for the premises. You might also be having a desire of decorating your space into a luxurious one for having quality time spent. Professional interior fit out companies has all the expertise of designing and developing such places in the best ways.

Here\'s a list of reasons why you should prefer hiring a restaurant fit out company in Dubai:-

Design & Planning

The major reason to go for the fit-out companies is their expertise in suitable design for your space. The plans are tailor-made according to the specific requirements of attaining a beautiful space with incredible designs and creativity. All the measurements of the space are taken with complete understanding to devise a plan that\'s feasible and budget-focused to get accomplished in time.

Absolute Solutions

Robust fit out services accompanied with premium designing cannot be compared with anything else. Professional interior fit out companies provide these benefits through a solution that suits your requirements and fulfills your expectations.

Turnkey Method

Nowadays fit-out companies provide turnkey solutions where you receive all the construction, designing and decor services in one package at a single time. These offered solutions are budget-friendly and do not require much effort.

Project Management

Hiring a project manager capable of managing the entire development project is a critical job, but professional fit-out companies do it efficiently. They ensure that the manager is able to coordinate with the other people working on the staff adequately and this is the reason why professional fit out companies offer project management solutions as a team of professional project managers.

Joinery Method

The best fit out companies offer joinery solutions for all wooden works to make your restaurant fit-out absolutely stunning. You don’t need to look out for the carpentry service as you will receive professional services from the experts.

Furnishing & Equipments

Furniture, fixtures, and equipment are additional services provided by restaurant fit out companies. This assures the building of a space well-equipped with premium services and amenities so that you do not need to roam for availing of the services elsewhere.

The above mentioned are a few reasons for hiring professional fit out companies. It is better to search online for getting numerous options for the opportunity to select the desired one. You just need to perform good research to reach the most reliable and reputed service provider online. Then arrange for a viewing session to strengthen your decision and experience how your restaurant interior fit out would look in reality. Getting associated with professional restaurant fit out companies gives you several benefits and wonderful services at the same time. Designed with proper planning and professionalism, the newly constructed restaurant will give you the level of satisfaction you were looking for.

Tips To Update Your Restaurant's Interior In Dubai

Tips To Update Your Restaurant's Interior In Dubai
  • published by: Admin
  • 19 Feb 2020

The hospitality industry has been changing continuously over the past few years with new trends emerging and presents ones changing rapidly. Sometimes restaurants find themselves outdated because they don\'t keep-up with changing scenarios.

The owners might feel intimidated by costly, time-consuming renovations, but updating your restaurants decor is not that difficult, and few changes can shift the customer’s perception towards your restaurant and its look. Here are some tips for you to update your restaurant\'s decor in easier ways:

1. Change The Color Scheme

The most affordable way to change the look of your dining area is \"painting\" as sometimes changing the wall colors can give an entirely different dining experience to your customers. Also painting is a quick process, so you can trim your renovation time. However don\'t forget to finalize a color scheme that compliments your brand or business before painting starts. It’s better to use an accent wall to enhance one particular wall and create contrast with the other colored walls rather than painting your entire dining space. This kind of painting draws attention, and gives your restaurant a much modern look.

2. Add Greenery

Addition of plants to your dining space will bring splash of color and life to the front-of-your home area. But never use living plants since they are costlier to maintain, trigger allergies, and create smells clashing with the aromas of your food. However if you really want to use real plants; succulents and cacti are good options since they are easy to care for and don\'t give off any smell. Moreover, there are plenty of real-looking fake plants that can be used to decorate your space.

3. Hang Artworks

Hanging artworks in your dining space will be a good idea to get contemporary looks. There are ample options like photographs, paintings, 3D art and sculptures that can be used as artworks. Also you can put up local artists\' works and give customers an option to buy it. This way, you will get some beautiful art to hang at your place, and also help the local art community. Displaying photographs and paintings of renowned landscape of the region is a great way to get a sense of authenticity for restaurants offering ethnic cuisine.

4. Creative Lightning

Little changing in lighting will have good impact on the ambience. Proper light gives a welcoming atmosphere to your establishment whereas dim lights create an intimate and romantic feel. You can select mood lights, recessed lights, and pendant lamps for soft lightning with candles to enhance the romantic atmosphere. Adjust the natural lightning with curtains and blinds as they also provide a splash of color and decorative flair to match with your concept.

5. Upgrade Tableware & Serving ware

Your crockery can affect a customer’s perception in big-ways. Using old plates having scratches and chips on the surface will reflect poorly on your operation. We know that changing dinnerware and serving ware is expansive, but its necessary yet affordable option to choose for. Go for melamine which\'s both durable and cost effective, and gives a more upscale looks for casual establishments that want to maintain a sophisticated look.

6. Re-Design Menu

Another important factor is updating your restaurant\'s menu, as it have an huge impact on your customers perception about your establishment. Old style menus always give an impression that your establishment is cheap and shabby. Get your pre-designed menu printed on a good paper with some unique designs created by professional graphic designers. Also pair your new and improved menu with stylish menu cover to complete the look and protecting it from spills and stains.


Several restaurant owners don\'t update their decor because they think it’s costly and difficult, but some simple upgradations can drastically change how customers see your restaurant. You can anytime go to professional interior contracting companies in Dubai for improve the look and design of your restaurants.





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