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What Are The Most Important Elements Of Interior Designing?

What Are The Most Important Elements Of Interior Designing?
  • published by: Admin
  • 17 Apr 2021

An empty place with only walls won\'t make the architecture look appealing. Our houses, offices or workplace needs interior designing to look aesthetically pleasing and visually attractive. One cannot do interior designing perfectly until and unless they keep certain designing principles in their mind. 

The decor of the place has become a trend which everyone wants because it adds a charm to the place. If you live in an empty home with no wallpaper, no paint on the walls, and no designer couches to lounge on, will that be a place you would want to stay? We add different showpieces, paint walls in the desired color theme and add a personal touch to our homes. 

The interior of your home reflects your identity, so the Interior Design Companies In Dubai choose elements that resonate with your personality. Whatever you decide to design your space, it should have a personalized touch. The interior of one\'s home cannot be ideal for someone else\'s home because the area, the architecture might differ. 

An Interior Design And Contracting Company will craft a space that fits your requirements. An experienced interior designing company will study the latest trends, take your ideas and execute them to give you the room of your dreams. 

Let\'s Know The Basic Principles One Must Remember While Doing The Interior Designing: 

  • Color Theme 

The color theme is not the same for everyone; it depends on the individual\'s choice of how they want to paint their space. Some like to add vibrant colors, while some like to paint their walls in subtle shades. Whatever the color theme is, it should be cheerful, bright, and soothing. 

  • Brightness 

A dark and dull space would not be an ideal place to stay nor to work. While doing the interior, you should pay special attention to the brightness of the space. It should allow the natural light to come in and should be well ventilated. You can also add some artificial sources of light to the room to add beauty and brightness. 

  • Pattern 

Patterns make the room look very catchy when they are chosen well. Pop-up wall art or an abstract painting on the wall would make the place looking alluring. While you are deciding the pattern, do not overdo the decor as it will make the place look awful instead of beautiful. 

  • Texture 

A surface might give a vintage feel by how it appears; a couch might be furry soft when you touch it. The texture is about how the object appears and now about its color. The texture of the things should be decided very carefully as all the interior stuff should coordinate with each other. 

  • Spacious

The space left after you have set all your furniture is the empty space that can also be well decorated. The interior design should not be overdone by keeping things in every little space, making the place look stuffed. Keep the room spacious and decide the interior that makes the room appear wide in space. 

Concluding Thoughts

Getting a dream home is a desire we all have, but we cannot trust everyone with their choices. We need a professional interior designing company that knows what will make our place stand out. Making a home is a dream come true feeling that involves many emotions, so choose a reliable and skilled interior designing team that can illuminate your place with beauty.

A Complete Guide On Selecting The Right Design and Fit Out Partner

A Complete Guide On Selecting The Right Design and Fit Out Partner
  • published by: Admin
  • 23 Mar 2021

Buildings are not made every day, and so when you decide to choose the right design and fit-out partner, you must be very careful. Many companies might offer you fancy deals, but if you are looking for a quality-driven project, then choosing the best company is very important.

If you are relocating or looking for a refurbishment, there are essential points that you must look after before finalizing the suitable fit-out and design partner. Find a partner who is very dedicated. The company should be enthusiastic about making your dream place and be reliable and committed to doing so. 

Make sure you stay as transparent in your ideas as you can. This will help the fit-out partner to understand your real expectations and deliver similar results. Now how will you choose the ideal Interior Design Companies In Dubai?

Look For These Qualities In Your Interior Fit Out Company:-

(1) Start From Choosing The Experts 

An expert knows how to handle things best. Make sure that the fit-out company you choose has knowledge and experience in architecture and designing. Be assured that the choice you made will deliver you a complete output at the end. Choosing the right company and professionals in the field will help you in making correct choices and decision-making. 

(2) Do Your Homework Well 

You cannot acquire knowledge of every field, but it is good to know a little about the fit-out company. Before calling the company to finalize things do your homework well. You can ask your queries and give your inputs and then decide on things mutually. 

(3) See Their Past Works And Client Reviews 

Client reviews can help you a lot in finalizing the best fit-out company. Analyze the client reviews and go through the pictures of their past projects to see how well they have completed their past committed works. Also, take a look at the time duration in which they did their job. The Interior Fit-Out Companies In Dubai with good customer reviews will work towards a dedicated goal. 

(4) Discuss Money Matter 

Make a rough list of things you would be needing and their average cost. This will give you an idea of how much money you need to keep aside for the fit-out project. Also, make rough calculations yourself, and they take the quotation from the company. Choose a company that fits your budget plan and assures you to deliver good work in the desired time frame. 

(5) Take An Office Tour 

If required, you can even visit their office to know them and their work pattern more closely. You are investing a huge amount, and so it is better to be thoroughly assured that every penny spent is worth it. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Interior design and good architecture add beauty to the place. A good design and fit-out company will help you make your dream come true by putting in creative ideas and efforts. Look for a company that is reliable, experienced, and makes a budget-friendly plan.

5 Trendy Interior Designs To Make Your Office Look Appealing

5 Trendy Interior Designs To Make Your Office Look Appealing
  • published by: Admin
  • 19 Mar 2021

Interior designs change with the latest trends that add more beauty and aesthetics to space. Offices are the space where we spend most of our time, and we need the most creativity and concentration. If offices have a plain wall, and just the furniture it will make the surroundings look very dull and boring.

Even working requires strong vibes that help us think better and give productivity at work. Employees should feel motivated to work, and ambiance plays a major role in it. Interior designers add meaning to space, be it your home or office. The vibrant and positive thoughts of the office should be reflected in its interior design.

Dubai is known as a land of architectural wonders, so many interior design companies in Dubai will help you transform your office look, making it worth gazing at.

You cannot be updated with every trend that keeps coming in. So the interior design and contracting companies are the ones you should choose. Professional interior designers can suggest making your space look more lively and turning up into an ideal workspace. Look at the latest interior design trends that will transform your office space.

(1) Creatively Designed Wall Arts

Walls are the most creative way to portray your ideas and brand identity. Any visitor who comes to your office looks up at the wall, and if they are designed with meaning by adding wall arts or statements, it looks desirable. Make your employees happy with an innovative workspace. The use of a decent color theme will make the office look eye-catching. Incorporate gorgeous designs at your workplace and win the race with your competitors.

(2) Relaxing Areas

Relaxing and lounging areas are as important as working spaces. If the mind is relaxed and de-stressed, it will help in boosting the performance of your employees. A calm relaxing area will help the employees to take a much-needed break. The area should have subtle themes and lounging chairs where they can nap or listen to music gaining back their thoughts and working better.

(3) Space That Boosts Your Creativity

Atmosphere plays a huge role in how your mood will be. If the working place is well ventilated, perfectly lighted, it will refresh your employee\'s mood. The walls with motivational quotes will boost their performance and motivate them to bring out the best in them. Make the space aesthetically pleasing so that whoever enters the office never leaves without complementing.

(4) Touch Of Nature

A soothing touch of nature will heal stressed minds at your workplace. Adding a natural place in your office that is filled with fresh plants will heal and remove the negative thoughts. Adding a vertical garden in the office space will take less space and look trendy.

(5) Designs With Technology

You can take up the challenge and combine your office space with technology. An area that is technologically advanced with all the amenities will please your employees. Get phone charging chairs that will make your furniture more functional. To automate things, you can also get movable partitions. Using functional furniture will make wise use of the available space.

Concluding Thoughts

Interior designs of the space talk about their work culture. Making the office space look good is the responsibility of the office organization. Still, if you cannot decide on a suitable and trendy interior design, you can take help from expert designers. Tell them your idea and take inputs from them to build your dream office space. The office is like the second home for employees as they spend a good share of their day in the office. Make the space look appealing, comfortable, and homely so that the employee loves and enjoys coming to the office.

Important Steps To Remember For A Successful Commercial Fit-Out

Important Steps To Remember For A Successful Commercial Fit-Out
  • published by: Admin
  • 16 Feb 2021

Planning for a commercial fit-out can be challenging as during the designing, planning, and execution, we have to be careful whether all our priorities are considered. People and their pattern of working in the fit-out planning may vary. But what are the things that any successful fit-out should remember? 

Dubai is the hub of commercial designs displaying marvelous architecture. There are many stunning commercial fit-outs in Dubai to take notes from. To choose the best fit out design, what are the steps to keep in mind for a successful commercial fit out company in Dubai? 

1. Impressive Project Timeline 

Always keep extra time in your hand and plan things accordingly. There are many things, including lease negotiations, legalities, and other time taking duties you need to fulfill. To save yourself from disappointment, plan your project timeline smartly. You can split your time according to these time frames:- 

  • Designing and Costing
  • Approval of Designs
  • Final Construction 

2. Brief Of Detailed Design 

Before you hand over the work of construction and interior designing to someone, draw and explain the design that’s on your mind. This will help the designers know what exactly you are expecting. 

3. Choose A Business Location 

If you are relocating your office then you should consider these points:-

  • Area and locality: The area you plan to set up your space should be done very carefully. The surrounding should be appropriate. Space should be according to your requirement which can accommodate people, kitchens, washrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias, etc. 
  • Lighting and Ventilation: Proper ventilation and lighting are a significant concern during commercial interior fit-out.
  • Flooring and Ceiling: Check out the latest flooring patterns and wall designs that compliment your workspace. 

4. Thorough Research 

Don’t merely rely on fit-out contractors in Dubai and do your research. Check out for the best fit out contractors, look for feedback and last work ratings. Go through their website and working pattern. This will help you analyze the best contractors that can turn your dream into reality. 

5. Understand Terms And Conditions 

The construction fit out the program will involve legal notices and agreements. You need to brush up on knowledge about the basic things that will be presented before you in the contract. Before finalizing the builder or contractors, read all the points and terms mentioned. This may include:-

  • Responsibilities of each party
  • Starting and Commencement dates
  • Insurance
  • Mode of Payment
  • Liability and defects
  • Specific assumptions and exclusions were discussed prior 

6. Past Projects Handled 

If this is your first time working with the construction company, take an idea about their pattern of working, delivery time, and client reviews. Do not blindly trust the fancy websites that hide the real loopholes. Before finalizing, go checklist these points:- 

  • Last Project and its finishing date
  • The budget which was proposed. Did the contractor complete the work under the given budget?
  • What are the after-delivery services? Do they care to offer assistance after the work is finished?

Concluding Thoughts

Your commercial space is the reflection of your dreams and ideas. The process should be handled carefully. The above steps should not be compromised at any cost. If you are looking for a reliable fit out company in Dubai, Avea Contracting is a team that dedicates time and builds with passion.

Trendy Office Interior Designs For A Smart Workplace

Trendy Office Interior Designs For A Smart Workplace
  • published by: Admin
  • 15 Feb 2021

An aesthetically pleasing workplace makes work even more impressive. In today\'s time, we spend most of our day\'s time at our workplaces; therefore, the interior has to be engaging and pleasant. The interior speaks a lot about the personalities of the people working or living around. So it is a thoughtful process. 

The interior should not be too loud but not too subtle also. Corporate offices should be designed to give positive work vibes and inspiration to spend their time there. If the surroundings are dull and boring, the work productivity might also decrease. 

Like we have experts in every field, interior designing is also not everyone\'s cup of tea. The interior design and contracting company have skilled professionals who have mastered making a space look creative and trendy. 

Let\'s take a look at some smart and practical interior designs:-

(1) Use Of Letter Designs:-

The use of big letters stand out and give an excellent look to the office space. The use of quirky colors in a pattern lifts the mood of the room. Proper lighting is a must-have in the offices, but the choice of lamps can transform the room\'s entire look.

(2) Stand Out Wall:-

One wall can be kept raw but at the same time attractive by choosing a design that grabs attention. It can have the logo of the company or creatively describe the company\'s profile. The use of natural lighting can also be a sustainable interior design. 

(3) Including Plants In The Interior:-

Gone are those days when people used to work in the traditional set up of table and chair. Introducing a cool setting to sit like swings or reclining chairs makes the employees feel relaxed and increases productivity. Adding plants has become an innovative way to get close to nature. Having plants around gives a refreshing feel amid the work stress. 

Apart from the working area, some good interior ideas can also be implemented at the lounging room and cafeteria. According to National Sleep Foundation research, a nap of 30 minutes can help in restoring alertness. Taking a small break and relaxing will improve employee\'s productivity and working capacity.

Dubai is a hub of architectural wonders, and so their aesthetic and interior sense is ahead of us. The interior design companies in Dubai can make your dream office come true.

6 Secrets To Hunt The Best Interior Design And Contracting Company

6 Secrets To Hunt The Best Interior Design And Contracting Company
  • published by: Admin
  • 08 Jan 2021

Nobody wants to stay behind, whether it\'s race, life, or business. To meet the industry\'s competitive needs, one must adopt the technology and invest in office renovation. Interiors are the reflection of your company\'s brand identity and value. An interior design and contracting company know how to showcase the same.

They won\'t simply do touchups to decorate the walls and fix the lightings. Designing a company\'s interior is a whole different job from home décor, and only the professionals do it best. The tough task lies in your hand that is finding the best interior design companies in Dubai.

These tips will be handy in the searching process.

Find Best Interior Design Companies In Dubai In 6 Steps:-

  • Be Specific

It begins with you because the designer will work according to your needs. So, start the process by writing down your need and expectations. Create a list and then set the filters according to the budget and preference.

But keep room for any changes so that you don\'t end up disappointed.

  • Look Everywhere

Search for the best designers everywhere, be it online or offline. Social media is a great place to hunt for the best. You can even check out the magazines as they list the best trends and designers across the globe. If your budget is huge, then this will make the process easier. Contact them and discuss the ideas and need.

  • Check The Background And Testimonials

Even though you have shortlisted the best interior designers in the market, don\'t forget to check their background. Ask for the portfolio, review their work, take client\'s review, and go through their websites. Some companies also present their accolades on the homepage, which is handy for customers to analyze their work quality and experience.

However, don\'t fall for the fake ones, as many companies present fake achievements. So, go for a detailed background check.

  • Ask Questions

Two-way communications are better than making assumptions based on reviews and certificates. Get the contact number or email from their websites. Make a call and ask a few important questions stated below:

  • Do you have experienced staff? 
  • Can I review a few completed projects?
  • How do you work on different elements?
  • How many staff members and subcontractors work with your company?
  • What about the backup plan?

These questions are of utmost importance, especially if you have any doubt regarding their work.

  • Learn About The Workflow

The interior design and contracting company won\'t work alone. You will be a great part of the entire process. Thus, the designers must be client-friendly and understand even the minute needs of customers.

This erases the chances of ambiguity and gives desired results. So, you must ask about their working procedure.

  • Price

One last important aspect of getting the right fit is to check its price. You may get the perfect designer for office renewal or designing, but the high charges can halt you from sealing the deal. Set a realistic budget considering all factors so that nothing restricts you and the designer in between.

Follow these steps to turn your dream office into reality with a reputed and experienced interior design and contracting company.

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