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Ways To Make The Perfect Office Fit-Out

Ways To Make The Perfect Office Fit-Out
  • published by: Admin
  • 26 Jul 2021

When you think about your office, you want it to be perfect. You want your office to look how you want it to look. It should look aesthetic and provide a sense of comfort. The people always look forward to the ambiance, which relaxes that eye, something that provides them contentment.  

Here are some ways to make the perfect fit-out for your office to make it look beautiful and provide a serene atmosphere:-

  • Region & Location 

One of the essential things to be chosen carefully is the location of the office or the office building. One crucial factor is to ensure that your employees are comfortable; it helps in boosting work efficiency. Therefore, the ideal place should have spacious cabins, a bullpen, and good ventilation, to help maintain comfort. 

  • Choice of Design 

Interior design trends keep on changing, but your office cannot change its designs now and then; for that reason, you need to keep in mind and choose a design that is reliable and is going to fit perfectly according to the nature of your work. Some things, such as the wall colors and design, can be changed once or twice every year, so your priority should be on deciding other things such as planning the placement of furniture; functionality should be considered. 

  • Color Psychology 

One of the latest things everyone is using to boost up the workforce is color psychology. 

Having the right color schemes in the office interiors can help you a lot with your business or work. Bright and cool colors are usually recommended for an office as they cheer up the employees, and it helps them in performing to their maximum.

  • Cabins 

Many employees in the office need to perform creatively, such as designers, writers, etc. At times, to perform creatively, silence and peace are required. This can be accomplished by having cabins for certain personnel in the office. 

  • Start With The Work

It is not difficult to look for fit-out companies in Dubai. You will have to look for the best contractors who can make your imaginations come true with their skills. Choosing a company is not that hard if you follow some simple steps. First, the fit-out company should give you an estimated cost of the project. Second, you should make sure that the company\'s past works are satisfactory and if they are insured or not. Once you have the contractors ready, get the work started as soon as you can.

  • Have a Project Management Team 

You alone cannot carry and look over all the work being done; it is good to have a backup. So appoint a team to look out for the work going on, brief them with the designs so that they can ensure that the work is going on perfectly. Their team lead should be a senior in the company so that s/he can advise the team correctly and the work can go on smoothly.  

So, as you can see, it is not very difficult to have the perfect fit-out for your office, all you need to keep in mind is the points mentioned above, and you can have your dream office ready within no time! Go for it today!

Restaurant Interior Design Tips

Restaurant Interior Design Tips
  • published by: Admin
  • 29 Jun 2021

Many restaurant owners may find it extremely challenging and daunting to get suitable yet satisfying interiors for themselves and their customers—the primary reason is the involvement of so many aspects that demand consideration in this designing process. Planning a restaurant fit-out or renovation includes many things making it plausible to miss some things that usually end up affecting the results adversely. 

To make it easy for you, many restaurant fit-out contractors in Dubai, including our experts at AVEA Contracting, have established some base pointers to help you keep in mind all the essential aspects and save you from any overlooking mistakes that you may commit during the process of interior designing for a restaurant fit-out. 

Style and Theme  

Before starting any fit-out design, it is necessary to define the overall aura you wish to portray, the entire theme you want to present, and to identify the style that matches your restaurant\'s visions and missions. It is essential to consider whether you wish to strive for a stylish and modern composition, or is your inclination more towards an intimate style? Possibly your restaurant prepares a particular type of cuisine that the locales prefer, and you may wish to keep the theme entirely to match the innate style of the area that the cuisine arrives. It will entice the customers and give them a perspective that you are a natural in this field.  

The Furniture 

Once you are sure about the appearance of the style and theme, it reduces your work when you start to pick restaurant furniture; the key idea is to intensify the restaurant\'s entire atmosphere. Of course, you will have to consider other factors besides just the style and the theme, like comfortability and convenience. It would be great if you also thought about durability and luxury. Good quality luxury furniture is prone to endure much longer, implying fewer investments for preservation and replacement. Moreover, opting for relaxed furnishings allows clients to savor their experience within your premises for elongated periods. 


You may possess the coloring scheme and plan styles such that you may have been able to cut down to several preferred choices, but have you contemplated the weight of your lighting selections? The lighting you decide for your eatery can build a uniquely new ambiance. For instance, you may go for brilliant neutral lighting to give your restaurant the appearance of a light and airy place. Alternatively, you can choose intimate lighting stretched above the intended location of specific tables to present a more powerful romantic ingredient to your customers\' dining time. 


Despite how strong you consider you have set out your tables and seating arrangements, there will be times when seats will need a rearrangement to satisfy larger bookings. Usually, the restaurant furniture you pick must be capable of doubling up for private seating to accommodate couples but must still be capable of movement in demands wherein you need to accommodate a larger party. 

It would help if you also contemplate whether you wish to move furnishings to an outdoor dining area through the opening hours. Presenting patrons an external dining choice on a deck, patio, balcony, or alfresco space can expand seating allocation. Nevertheless, tables and chairs require to be taken inside overnight for secure storage. It implies chairs may need to be stacked to create the storage more comfortable. Stackable furniture can also make closing more comfortable on the team. 


The restaurant furniture that you pick may be perfect theme-wise and design-wise to satisfy your expected finished glimpse, but must you take convenience into account as well? Clients may revisit your restaurants to experience the joys of the menu, but they wish to have a certain level of comfort during their visit to your restaurant and would cherish it if they find comfortable seats and can have a good time along with great food. 


Resources are often a concern for several restaurant keepers, driving many to buy based on cost alone. Nevertheless, while the appeal to keep expenses to a bare minimum is highly intriguing, it is also necessary to examine the long-term values of your furnishing investments. 

Ideally, the eatery furniture you pick must be strong enough to endure the long term. In addition, sturdy and high-quality furniture will relieve the obligation to improve or repair specific items frequently, which implies more inexpensive maintenance for your company in the long run. 

It is a great help if you choose to discuss all your requirements and preferences with your interior design and contracting company while planning your restaurant fit-out. In addition, this process helps you understand better cost planning and other necessities that will come along your entire process.

Tips For A Stress-Free Fit-Out

Tips For A Stress-Free Fit-Out
  • published by: Admin
  • 28 Jun 2021

Moving is one of the most stressful things that people go through every year, and office fit-outs are nothing less than a tonne of trouble and hassle! However, if you have already decided to get the fit-out done, you might as well have difficulty deciding where to start because there is a lot to be done! So whether you\'re moving to a brand-new building or just updating your current premises, you sure want to proceed with as minimum trouble and challenges as possible! 

Here are the Top 9 Suggestions for a smooth and convenient office fit-out:- 

(1) Advanced Planning 

Whatever seems the easiest to you may also possess challenges while you do it, so if you have unrealistic deadlines, you will always be worried about missing them. Set appropriate deadlines considering that your work might face difficulties, and you may need time to resolve them! For example, you may need to settle in your current premises and use your space better. In these circumstances, you may need to make a few arrangements that may require a slight restructuring and affect your company\'s performance for a while! If you are relocating, then invest time to fix the installation of the phone lines, internet, and other professional requirements. You don\'t desire to transfer and suddenly realize that you have difficulties with your broadband or telephones. 

Ensure you have these things planned ahead and appointments for all the things scheduled in time according to the necessity.

(2) Find The Right Partner 

It would help if you had a fit-out partner who\'s the ideal fit for the work. Meet the fit out companies in Dubai and find out if you are satisfied with their method, visit them to understand the nature of their commitment and demand to see some of their past projects, view their standing within the industry, verify that they possess expertise within your area, and can understand your business working, examine their information on the most modern law and regulations and know their views on Health & Safety. Then, you\'ll apprehend intuitively if the commercial fit-out company in Dubai you opted is the right fit!

(3) It\'s The Small Things 

Concentrate and prepare a complete record of everything from a minor job to the most comprehensive one. Neglecting to sort out things as insignificant as arranging bins amply for the building could delay things later and require the company\'s wealth.

(4) Check The Legalities Involved 

Double-check all legal issues. Review your current contract terms. Check if you are migrating to a registered building? Does it lie in the conservation zone? You may want to analyze this beforehand. Check if you require the landlord\'s approval for modifications? If yes, you will need to get this done before any of the works begin on site.

(5) Investment And Money! 

Setting up a budget is daunting. There is always a dilemma if whatever you set will be enough or not. Until you identify what you need, it is not easy to understand how much will be enough. You must expect it to be a significant investment that solely appears once every 5-10 years or even more. Hence it\'s necessary to be practical with your budget. On the other hand, don\'t neglect; this is your chance to build a culture within your business and deliver the brand by the office fit-out plan.

(6) Declutter 

Relocating your office, or improving its layout, is an incredible moment to analyze and upgrade your storage requirements. For example, do you need more shelves in your accounts department, or are there unnecessarily many in the massive storage section? But, first, you need to determine if you\'re getting the most out of your office space!

(7) Is Re-Using A Good Idea? 

That is the enigma. Would you prefer new furniture, or do you plan on using the current office furniture? If the tables and chairs are still in excellent shape, perhaps think of replacing furnishings in front-of-house spaces to appear bright and updated. If you plan to re-use the current furniture, you must think about getting a comprehensive survey of relevant things to adjust your furniture into the new design. You\'ll want to factor the expense of this into your budget.

(8) Hindrance In Your Operations 

There may exist a time during the fit-out activity where workers cannot work from the office for Health and Safety inductions or technical reasons like the IT / Phone operations aren\'t finished and working. What is the resolution? Remote operation from a temporary province or perhaps at home? You must look at all possibilities and plan not to face losses during the entire process.

(9) Check And Cross-Check 

It may appear apparent, but you must review that everything within your fresh premises is in running status both prior to the contractor starting works and later again once fit-out works are complete. For instance, do all of the shutters work correctly? Are the amenities as they should? Have you received all sets of keys? Who holds the code for the warning alarm, and how to activate/deactivate it?

6 Innovative Interior Designing Tips For Your Office

6 Innovative Interior Designing Tips For Your Office
  • published by: Admin
  • 20 May 2021

Getting your office design is one of the proud moments of your life you will cherish forever. Whether you have a small office or a big one, you will always choose the best designs that make your space stand out from the rest. Interior designers have the best knowledge of what would look the best in your space. But you can give you inputs to tell them how you want the space to look like. 

Your office should focus on making the place look organized and designed to boost employees\' performance. It is not essential to choose a lot of things to design your office. You can select the optimum stuff and still make space look the best. You can get professional help from the interior design and contracting company and get the best solutions for your office interiors. 

Dubai is a land of architectural marvels. The intricately designed and planned interiors make it one of the most beautiful places. You can also consult interior design companies in Dubai to get ideas for your office space. An expert designer can guide you well with the designs and color schemes. 

Here are some tips that you can consider while deciding your office interior:-

1. Choose The Best Texture 

If you follow the trend and get your office designed, then texture design is very common and preferred. Making the space look creative and updated as per the trend, you can consult a good interior designer and choose an ideal texture that enhances the beauty of your office.  

2. Blend The Color Scheme 

Choosing the right color scheme for the office is very important. The shades should neither be too dark nor too subtle. To give it a corporate look, the motto of the design should be simple. The furniture and color scheme should be blended well so that the space looks well synchronized.  

3. Add A Modern Look 

If you want aesthetically pleasing office space, then go for modern designs that make your office look attractive. It can be a good idea to keep some vintage pieces as decor, but space should be designed according to the trend. You can go for sleek desks, comfy yet elegant chairs, oddly shaped interiors to give it a bit of abstractness. 

4. Add A Touch Of Fauna 

To make the space look more lively, it can be a great idea to include some plants. Plants give a refreshing vibe amid the chaotic moments. It can be a good idea to add some natural elements. Rather than focusing on making your office of concrete entirely, add a touch of greenery to give a soothing vibe to the office interior. 

5. Break The Old Trend 

If you look at any old office design, you can see a similar setup of tables and chairs. Having a good interior helps in breaking the monotony of working. Break the ongoing trend and include some fresh furniture ideas like a multipurpose space. Many offices have already turned their cubicles into spaces where people can work and even have small discussions or meetings. 

6. Reflect Your Thoughts In Your Office Design 

Your space should talk about your ideas and principles. The most important thing an office should have is transparency. To grow mutually, having transparency of thoughts is important. To reflect this thought in your interior, you can include transparent doors to show that you are transparent in your thoughts.

Concluding Thoughts: To get your office designed, you can have rough ideas in mind so that the interior designer can get an idea to change your imagination into reality. If you don’t know, you can check out the ideas and designs shared by the leading interior designing company. The inspiring designs can help you in finding a perfect design for your office too.

7 Advantages Of Using A Good Office Fit Out Design

7 Advantages Of Using A Good Office Fit Out Design
  • published by: Admin
  • 19 May 2021

People find innovative ideas to design their office creatively. Making space look well organized and attractive is not an easy job. You may think that why is it even necessary to make an appropriate fit-out space for an office. One can just have a table chair and the essential resources needed for the work.

It is crucial to choose the fit-out company wisely. The fit out companies in Dubai ensure that the work is executed correctly. This enhances the employee\'s productivity and encourages collaboration. 

One needs to be clear with the expectations with the fit-out design to plan and execute everything accordingly. The interior fit out companies in Dubai cater to all your needs and make a design layout that matches the best with your expectations. 

If you still have doubts before investing in an office fit-out design, here are some fantastic advantages to change your mind. 

1. Looks Presentable 

Let\'s face the truth; a good-looking office catches our attention automatically. The best thing about the fit-out design of an office is that it makes the space look presentable. Hotels are made fancy to attract more people similarly a well-designed office will impress the employees and clients. 

2. Increases Employee Satisfaction 

If the working environment is good, the employee will feel motivated and eager to work and deliver the best work. Since employees in an office spend a considerable amount of time sitting on a chair in front of a laptop, the environment should look aesthetically appealing. Research has also proved that a good environment and beautiful-looking working space can increase employee satisfaction and work productivity. 

3. Updated Technology 

An impressive office with a great design will also involve the latest technology gadgets and equipment. This will make the place look updated. You cannot keep using the old technology as with time things need to be updated for better work. Choosing the relevant technologies to cope with the modern era changes is a wise decision every office should make. 

4. Great Use Of Space 

A well-planned office design will make great use of even the smallest of places available. Redefining the office space according to the trends not only makes it look better but uses the waste spaces efficiently. Modern designs and a variety of furniture can together do magic in utilizing the minimum space to organize many vital things. 

5. Reflects Brand Image 

Whenever we visit any corporate office, the first thing we register in our mind is its brand image. We can relate that if a particular office looks good, how good the brand values would be, and how organized the working culture would be. The fit-out design of an office is the first impression that any visitor makes in their mind, and it has to be good. 

6. Potential To Attract New Clients 

Offices have lavish-looking meeting rooms. Have you ever thought why? This is the place where meetings are carried out with potential clients. Once the client sees your office and likes it, your chances of getting the deal get higher. Having an attractive and stylish office will not only make you stand out in the corporate industry but attract more clients. Therefore, getting a fit-out design for your office is not a liability but a wise investment for the future. 

7. Enjoyable Work Atmosphere 

A good fit-out design will have a designated space for refreshment and relaxation. Areas, where you can de-stress your mind in the office, are very important. Employees can take short breaks to declutter their minds and resume work with an energetic and refreshed mind.

Concluding Thoughts: Fruitful work does not only depend upon hardworking employees. The working environment also plays a significant role in it. Many people desire to have a lavish dream company with beautiful, attractive, and pleasing designs. If you are also among them, choose the right fit-out company to get your dream office designed. It is not an expense but an investment you will cherish for many years.

5 Common Interior Fit-Outs Problems And Solutions

5 Common Interior Fit-Outs Problems And Solutions
  • published by: Admin
  • 19 Apr 2021

It is a proven fact that the employee\'s performance depends upon the workplace design and can change the productivity of work. We all want a workplace that looks eye-catchy and should have the basic amenities. A well-designed office leaves a good impression on the visitors and clients and plays a significant role in employee satisfaction. 

If you think that fit-outs are a waste of money, you are wrong as they can give a long-term benefit to the company and should be looked at as an investment. If you are changing the workplace, you must know that the new fit-out should stand out and be made keeping the future in mind. If the fit-out is well planned and executed, it can raise the employees\' potential as well. The professional Interior Fit Out Companies In Dubai can make your heavy investment turn into a profit-making asset in no time. 

If you are spending money on a fit-out, you must be anxious about how the fit-out would turn. Also, you would be looking for any challenges that might come your way and how you can face them. There are many common mistakes that many fit-out designers make, but if you choose the Fit Out Contractors In Dubai, you can avoid them. 

(1) Not Planning The Budget Prior 

Planning is the key to achieving any goal. The interior fit-outs should first plan things and then take out the estimated budget. Different fit-outs require a separate budget so you may know the things you would need prior so that the work is not affected. Take a rough budget of the fit-out plan and then manage the financial aspect to stay away from financial stress. 

(2) Detailed Design and Plannings 

If the design is not provided on time or if the design is not accurate and cannot be executed, this becomes a big problem for the interior fit-out contractor. This problem can be avoided if the whole responsibility is given to the company to design and implement it on time. If not this, then a responsible design team should be hired to provide detailed design to the contractors. 

(3) Copying Inappropriate Designs 

Taking inspiration from an office design and simply cop[ying the idea would not be an ideal thing to do. Every architecture is different, so the design of the interior also varies. If loud wall art looks grasping for a company, it is not necessary that it would look equally great in your office as well. Look for things that will suit your company\'s purpose, and then get it designed. 

(4) Not Following The Market Trend 

The market changes now and then, and designs keep getting updated. If you are planning to design a fit-out for your office, you must study the latest trends. 

(5) Proper Prioritizing And Managing Work 

Nothing works well unless it is properly planned. You need to make a list of things and set them in order of their priority. Keep taking review meetings on the progress of the work. Track the delays and then smartly manage the work accordingly.

Concluding Thoughts

Making a well-designed fit-out is not a complicated process if done with proper strategy. You can also make your office space stand out by making a little effort and managing things prior. If you desire a good-looking office that turns out to be exactly how you wanted, then do not make such common mistakes. A good team will coordinate with each other and make your dream fit-out space into reality.

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