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Interior Designers Reveal The Most Common Design Mistakes

Interior Designers Reveal The Most Common Design Mistakes
  • published by: Admin
  • 12 Oct 2021

The interior design contains the mix & match of various ideas and innovations. The skill to make your house feel and look different after even the smallest of changes; that art is interior design.  

Every form of art that requires creativity (well, almost all of them) is often confusing as to where a person makes a mistake. But, such as when someone is painting, even something as minor as the temperature of the colors can make a huge difference, which we fail to realize at times. 

That is art when you make a mistake, but you don\'t even realize it because something looks so beautiful already; imagine how it could look when you correct that mistake! 

Similarly, when you design the interiors of your house, there might be a few mistakes that you could make here and there and won\'t even realize. For that reason, in a busy city like Dubai, it is best to contact an interior design and contracting company to get the work done. But still, if you feel like doing all the work by yourself, here are a few common mistakes people make while designing the interiors of their house.   

  • Size of Your Carpet  

It\'s critical to make sure that a carpet fits the space it\'ll be used in, not merely the design scheme of your home.  

A too huge carpet for the space will appear overwhelming and will make the room appear smaller. 

A too tiny carpet causes your furniture to be closer together, resulting in an unbalanced room with wasted space. 

Create fake outlines on your floor with painter\'s tape and exact proportions so you can visualize how the carpet would look in the room. 

  • Positioning the Couch 

Consider \"floating\" your sofa instead of pushing it up against the wall. 

Floating furniture refers to pieces placed away from the wall, sometimes in the center of the room. When you do this in your room, you will be able to stroll about it, making it feel and look more prominent. 

  • Position of Your Television 

Design is more than just having a nice-looking house; ergonomics should also be considered. 

Understandably, you\'d want to watch TV in front of the fireplace, but it\'s terrible for your neck. 

Your television should be placed at eye level from where you are sitting. Therefore, it shouldn\'t be necessary for you to look up. 

  • Avoid Using Too Many Matching Furniture 

Walking into a furniture store, you would notice that practically everything, even living room furniture, is sold in sets. 

The easiest option is to buy the complete set; however, this is not a good idea. It\'s not a good idea to have a room that seems too matchy-matchy.\' Furniture sets are visually uninteresting, but breaking up the pieces shows that you took the time to curate your area, which enriches your home\'s style. 

  • Choosing too big or too little furniture for your area can give the impression that the room is unbalanced. 

Choosing the appropriate furniture is crucial, but where you put it is just as crucial for decorating a living room. 

Small pieces in an ample space can leave too much space, while oversized pieces in a small space can make the room appear even smaller. 

In bigger living rooms, 30 to 36 inches between furniture pieces are ideal. In smaller settings, such as apartments, 18 to 24 inches between pieces is sufficient.

This distance will guarantee that your living room is not overcrowded while also helping to maximize space in a smaller living room. 

Interior designing is a beautiful way to give your house a new, spectacular look and feel. However, small mistakes like we mentioned above often go unnoticed and compromise the beauty of your house. By following the simple steps, you can avoid that and make your rooms as beautiful as they can be!

10 Interior Design Tips For The Best First Impression

10 Interior Design Tips For The Best First Impression
  • published by: Admin
  • 23 Sep 2021

We have all heard the phrase, \"the first impression is the last one,\" at last once in our lives. And no matter what we say to counter it, it is true that the first impression makes up a lot of what happens to be the complete image of anything. That is why we try to be at our best when we meet someone, join a new job, or do anything related. You probably might have cleaned your car when someone was getting in it for the first time, the same way we arrange our homes differently and decorate them when someone comes for the first time.  

But sometimes, just arranging the home and decorating does not do the trick. If you have a moderately ordinary house, then you might not form the impression you want to. Designers come up with ideas now and then to give your house the touch that makes a sparkling, lasting impression; you can visit your nearest interior designing and contracting company to know more about the latest designs.   

The design of your house plays a significant role when it comes to impressing someone. You want to make such an impression that lasts in their mind even long after they\'re gone. Who does not like it? And the design in your house also helps make you feel better, lighter, and stress-free, a little psychology here and there. 

So, wondering how you can make your home such a way? Well, lucky you, here are 10 tips that will make a lasting first impression. 

  • The Doorway 

The doorway is the first thing visitors notice when they enter your home. That is to say; the entryway has the best opportunity of making a positive impression on your visitors. That is why setting aside some time to decorate your entrance door. 

Providing chairs for guests to remove their shoes will make them feel more at ease. You can also decorate your hallway with soft carpets and mats. Adding more style to the entrance by adorning bare walls with a variety of art is also a good idea.

In general, your doorway should provide a view into the remainder of your home. Therefore, you\'ll want to utilize decorations that hint at the style of the remainder of your home. 

  • Pendant Lights 

Lighting can make the best home design. Make sure the lighting is ideal if you want to amaze your visitors with an innovative house interior design. Pendant lights are a great alternative for a modern home\'s lighting. When it comes to pendant lights, though, look for something with a unique, unusual design that will capture attention and force the visual focus to move upward. 

  • Make Your Guest Room Impressive 

If you have a guest room where your visitors can stay, make it as impressive as possible. They are likely to spend a significant amount of time there at night, so it should be inviting and comfy. 

Make sure to include some flowers or other plants in your arrangement. They will give the room a fresher appearance and a more inviting scent. You should also include a large number of comfortable, clean blankets. If you want to go all out, add some art and images to the area as well. 

Your guest room should be pretty relaxing. Most people will be content with clean bedding and pillows, but adding a room theme and decor might make them feel exceptional during their stay. 

  • Have a Consistent Colour Scheme 

It is far more remarkable when people employ a consistent colour palette while designing their rooms. Evaluate the colours in each of your rooms and consider which ones might work best together. 

People are usually happy when warm, vivid hues surround them. The simplest method is, to begin with, a two-tone colour scheme. You should make sure that your colours don\'t clash in the room. 

Many interior designers would pair a natural, neutral tone with a vibrant hue that contrasts with it. However, there are so many alternatives to choosing a colour palette for your home, so do your research and think about what will look best in your space! 

  • Art Displays 

Art displays can assist in determining the colour palette of a home\'s interior design. Then, when your guests see these evocative paintings hanging on your wall, they will be in amazement. If you\'re on a budget, though, flea markets and bazaars are great places to look for economical yet outstanding art exhibits and décor. 

  • Bring The Plants Inside 

Adding more greenery to your home will make it appear fresher and more inviting to your visitors. A few large potted plants and a few smaller plants should be strewn about the space. Fake plants can provide a similar appearance if you don\'t have a green thumb. 

Flowers are also a great way to personalize your home. The petals come in a variety of forms and hues, and they smell lovely. You can put flowers in the guest room and the bathroom to make a big impression on your visitors! 

  • Bring In Unique Designs 

If you don\'t mind spending more on your interior design, consider investing in a bespoke piece of furniture with a truly unique design. Make it the focal focus of your home\'s design and place it in a visible location where your guests will see it. A zigzag-shaped bookcase or an unevenly shaped coffee table, for example, could bring interest to your living room. Your visitors will definitely be inspired and impressed by these decorative things. 

  • Use Large Mirrors 

Large mirrors are not only attractive, but they also have a powerful presence. They might have complex, one-of-a-kind frames or simply sit flat against the wall. Their most essential feature, however, is that they reflect light throughout the house. Because mirrors reflect light, they make your spaces appear considerably brighter. This feature improves the amount of natural light in your home, giving it a more spacious appearance. Large mirrors are visually stunning for a variety of reasons. 

  • Hardwood Flooring 

Installing fashionable and sleek hardwood flooring with a rare wood in your house interiors is a sturdy approach to amaze your guests. Although experienced contractors may be required to install the flooring, this interior design addition is well worth the money. This classic flooring type not only looks great but will also raise the value of your property. 

  • Paint Old Furniture 

Your old wooden furniture will look younger and blend better with your room themes if you give it a fresh coat of paint. Your guests will notice and compliment your DIY abilities! White is an excellent colour to utilize because it goes with everything and opens up a space. 

These are just a few of the many suggestions you might use when redesigning your home. It is not that easy, but with this, you can surely get some guidance. The first impression that anybody has upon our things matters a lot because of obvious reasons. So follow these steps to make a rocking impression!

Why Is An Office Fitout Important For Your Business Growth?

Why Is An Office Fitout Important For Your Business Growth?
  • published by: Admin
  • 22 Sep 2021

When we talk about the growth of a business or having huge turnovers, or making profits, we consider many vital elements, such as good leadership, personal productivity, excellent ideas, marketing, etc. However, in this chain of elements, there is one crucial thing that most of us tend to forget, that is, our office fit-outs. You may ask, what is an office fit-out, and why is it so important? Well, office fit-out refers to the complete supply of interiors. This type of solution is made up of several smaller (sub) orders for products like technology units, divider systems, carpets, and lighting that are provided through vendors. The interior furnishings themselves are the cherry on top of the cake.  

When we talk about businesses in massive places such as Dubai, the fit-out contractors in Dubai are always there to help you with the latest innovations. Because many businesses are running, you want yours to be shining out of the crowd, and for that, you need to have a good office fit-out. It involves installing a building\'s ceilings, floors, furnishings, and partitions, as well as installing all essential building utilities, such as wiring, cabling, and any communication and internet connectivity arrangements.  

But, you still might be wondering how does an office fit-out help with the growth of your business? Well, it happens in the following ways. 

  • Productivity Boost 

Your team\'s productivity is increased by a well-planned and organized office fit-out. They\'ll be motivated and excited to work in a space that\'s both gorgeous and functional. Creating open areas for recreation where employees can rest and talk during breaks is an excellent method to boost team morale. All of this contributes to job satisfaction and productivity. Your company will grow organically as a result of this process. 

  • Proper Utilisation of Space  

Recently completed mergers or acquisitions, like downsizing, frequently necessitate space reorganization. An office renovation will allow you to modernize or add new features and create a more balanced working environment. 

The numerous departments and their needs should be considered while designing your workplace layout. For example, the sales department requires seclusion (as well as soundproofing for those phone calls). Still, the creative section may want more collaborative places to explore ideas. 

  • Morale  

Good design has an impact on one\'s mood, productivity, and overall well-being. For example, a well-designed office, replete with various working places and break-out rooms, is sure to boost productivity. Simply, effective design makes people happy, which leads to increased productivity. 

  • Performance & Growth 

Design and emotions are inextricably linked. A poorly designed office space reflects a poorly run firm. Still, a well-planned office space will help you retain top personnel and attract new customers. 

  • Identity  

Your workplace should reflect your company\'s motto, values, and culture and show the brand\'s personality. It should also serve as a promotional tool and an extension of your marketing plan - in other words, it should be a brilliant physical depiction of your website. 

  • New Technologies 

Are your conference rooms starting to show their age? Is there a place in your office where your employees may unwind and share ideas in a more relaxed setting? What about your information technology? And how would you evaluate the lighting in your office? Is there enough natural light in your home? 

An office fit-out is an essential element for the growth of your business. However, there is a reason why most of the new successful startups look different from the old running companies. Fit-outs have recently come in trend. That is why many offices now don\'t seem to be following the old tradition of office interiors.  

Having a suitable fit-out can help you to stand out and can give a boost to the productivity of your office. Boosting the office growth in the long run. Contact your fit-out contractor today!

8 Easy Steps To Achieving A Successful Office Fit-Out

8 Easy Steps To Achieving A Successful Office Fit-Out
  • published by: Admin
  • 19 Aug 2021

Office fit-outs might sound like a new trend, something that did not exist sometime back. But to be honest, office fit-outs have been there since ever. And have always played a major role in how your office reflects. An office fit-out is referred to how the interiors of an office are delivered. It makes your office suitable for the nature of your business. A good office fit-out increases productivity makes proper utilization of office space and reflects your company’s culture. 

To achieve the perfect office fit-out may sound like a burdensome task. But in reality, you can follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect office fit-out! 

  • Make Up a Team 

To achieve the perfect fit-out is a task that needs the utmost attention and care, which is no easy task for someone to be done alone. For this reason, the first step should be creating a team with a responsible team leader who can guide everyone. Then, the team can work out the planned fit-outs and look after them. 

  • Research 

Researching what your office requires, such as the nature of your business, what your office requires, or the long-term plans of the office, all of this matters when you choose the fit-out for your office. You also need to research your budget and how much you are willing to spend on the fit-out. 

  •  Building Search 

It sometimes may happen that the current building your office is in might not be suitable for how you plan your office fit-out to be. In that case, you might want to look for a new location, which is appropriate and best for your office, depending upon the nature of your business. 

  • Choose Your Fit-out Specialist 

Once you have formed the team, researched about your office, and found the appropriate building, the next step that follows is choosing your fit-out specialist. This is the company that you might approach that will help you with the fit-out of your office with creative designs and ideas. 

  •  Design Development 

After the first four initial steps, this is the start of the big move. This is when the entire company and team get together and starts working on ideas, and brings up innovative designs for your office. This includes choosing suitable color schemes, design patterns, etc. 

  • Leading To Build 

This is the step when your imaginations and plans start to get implemented. The actual work starts here. The team you chose earlier must keep having their attention on the work being done, just in case something turns out to be faulty. This work must be done with caution and attention. 

  • Furniture Installation 

After the work has taken place in good form, you would want to get back to your comfortable chairs and tables, as it used to be, but differently. All the furniture can now be installed. Do not be afraid to clear any doubts from your contractor any questions about the new fit-out or anything related to it. 

  • Reviews 

Get the office together, and get the final reviews by the team and the staff to be done. Of course, the office would now be in a lot better state, but it is not harmful to have some brainy suggestions. 

As you can see, getting a new fit-out for the office is not as easy as it seems and can be done quickly if followed the right way. Many fit-out contractors in Dubai can help you out with any further queries you have. Start the work today!

Interior Design Trends Should Follow For Your Home In 2021

Interior Design Trends Should Follow For Your Home In 2021
  • published by: Admin
  • 17 Aug 2021

We had the opportunity to spend most of our time in the past year in our homes, and one thing we now care most about is how the home is. Whether it is your home or workspace, interior design matters the most if the space is being used by you. It is the art, or science, to enhance the interiors of your home or office to make them aesthetically pleasing comfortable. It also involves making every corner of your home efficient and usable for making the most out of the smallest space available.  

Various design trends come up every year, be it related only to the colors or the entire furniture; interior design companies in Dubai keep working on the same.  

Nothing is stable; everything changes. We simply cannot expect the interior design trends to not change now and then, especially in a fast-growing place like Dubai. 2020 and 2021 saw significant interior design trends, some of which are described below:-

  • Biophilic Design  

The biophilic design connects with the natural world; having plants inside your home is a great way to follow it. Having small plants inside houses has been in trend for quite some time now, but a biophilic design is not only limited to that. Using reclaimed wood, hanging plants, painting the walls green are some ways to follow it. Anything that connects with the nature outside, be it colors, patterns, or shapes, gets included in biophilic design. 

  • Work-friendly Home 

Most of the people have now started working from home, and are satisfied with it. No doubt why the ‘work-friendly home’ is rising this year as well. In a city like Dubai, working from home may seem like a big deal; that is why people are trying hard to give the homes more of an office-friendly feel, to make their work more productive. Office spaces are being provided in the homes by the interior designers. So you will have the space and utilities to get all your office work done from your very home! 

  • Furniture Stairs 

Following the work from home trend, utilizing the space beneath the stairs has been catching the trend. Creating shelves for items that are not used daily or making a bookshelf beneath the stair-space is one of the significant ways to use the space. Another way which might be a little bit of work is to construct a small room in that space, such as a store-room or something. But don’t worry, your contracting company can take care of it. 

  • Open & Fluid Living Rooms 

We all spent most of the time in our living rooms following the pandemic, which has influenced us to have more open spaces in our living rooms. Using curtains instead of doors, long sofas, carpeted floors, open windows are some of how we can make our living rooms spacious and comfortable. 

  • Smart Technologies 

It is important to remember that home does not have to be limited to being a non-functional body, so many innovations keep happening, making everything easy and integrated. Smart technologies in the home can also help you save a great deal of electricity and ensure a safe living environment. 

Innovations and minor adjustments lead to becoming the most significant trends in design. The pandemic made us realize that we could stay in our homes and work on many things, be it the home itself! Interior trends keep on changing, so it is best to ask your interior design and contracting company in Dubai about what are the changes that could be made to help your home be the most comfortable and integrated to live in.

Trends In Interior Design In 2021

Trends In Interior Design In 2021
  • published by: Admin
  • 27 Jul 2021

When you think of interior design, you see a room where everything is as comforting as it could get, where everything is designed and placed as you want it to be. It gives you the feeling of calling it your home or workplace. But, even though it is entirely up to you how it should be, there are still trends in interior design; about what material to choose, what colors people are going with, some innovations in design, etc.  

Well, to clear the clutter, here are some of the trends people are following in 2021 -

  • Curve Out The Straights 

Curved furniture with smooth edges seems to be replacing the previous straight and pointy trend. These round shapes give a certain comfort while sitting in your room and make you feel relaxed. Furniture such as mirrors, tables, and paintings are defining the trends of 2021.

  • Warmer Colours 

Clashing with the previous trend, warmer colors seem to return to homes, especially in curtains and walls. Colors play an essential role in giving vibes to your home; that is why colors must be chosen carefully. Red is being thought to be the color of the season, and hence, all its tones seem to be taking over the season.

  • Bold Wallpapers

Bold wallpapers are making an entrance in the new trends, earlier these were used only as a bit of twist in the homes, but now they seem to be taking over the entire walls. Geometric patterns, abstract shapes, animal and human figures seem to be the ones in trend. 

  • Indoor Nature 

A more eco-friendly approach seems to be taking place in the new trends, with people getting small shrubs and plants inside their homes. What matches best with warmer colors and tones is some nature inside your rooms. Wooden furniture and plants are making their way into the trends. They go with the colors, give a warm, cozy feel to the room, and make it comfortable. 

  • Monochrome 

Though it may sound a little contradicting with what was said earlier, it isn’t really. Monochrome tone can be warm and comforting if used correctly. For example, dark-colored walls and similar wallpapers are becoming more and more attractive now. Although black & white, they still feel cozy than the cooler and brighter colors, giving a subtle beauty to the rooms.

  • Folding Furniture 

If you do not have spacious rooms in your home and still need to fir everything ideally, this can help you. Folding furniture is making the trend currently, making spaces in your home more multi-functioning. For example, with the help of folding tables and chairs, your study room can also become your gaming room, or your entertainment area, as it is required, making use of more than the maximum space of your home.

  • Sustainability 

As everyone becomes conscious of the environment, more sustainable materials are being chosen for the furniture and goods in homes. Various sustainable materials are available, such as timber, wood, jute, and artificial leather, which serve as fashionable, comfortable, and sustainable. So with the simple help of designs, you are protecting the environment as well!

  • New Technology 

This is 2021; every other thing now runs on technology, and so does interior design. Various smart gadgets are being used at homes, such as lights or fans that run on voice commands, smart TVs, and better-cooling systems.  

So you see, despite the pandemic, the world seems to be making massive progress in their homes, as that is the place they spent most of their time in. There are various interior design companies in Dubai, so bring your imagination to life and make your home look like your dream place!

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